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Dated: 11/09/2017

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I went on a listing appointment tonight with one of our listing agents just to see how they were doing. Of course I talked way too much and my great listing agent was left to fill in the blanks instead of me doing the fill-ins.

They really did not have any huge reasons not to list, though they were concerned that maybe the home might not bring as much as it would if we listed it in the Spring.

I simply explained that there is a finite pool of buyers every month, no matter if it is cold outside or warm and sunny. That in the Winter months homeowners have fallen prey to the adage that homes do not sell in the Winter that they sell better in the Spring. Hogwash!! This is usually because the real estate agents are tired from showing so many homes to their buyers during the Summer months and want some time off.

I asked them when they would be buying. They said in January, so I said you think there are not going to be houses to look at, and they said no. Good, I said because people still buy homes in the winter months and we normally sell more homes in November and December than we do in May or June.

They asked why is that. So our conversation started to take off. See in the winter months there may be one third to three quarters less homes on the market as there is in the Spring. All of those people who wait to sell in the Spring find that instead of competing with 30 or 40 homes in their price range during Winter months, that they are suddenly competing with 100 to 150 homes.

If the price point sells an average of 15 homes per month year around the homeowner is now looking at up to 10 months to sell their home in the Spring rather than 1 or 2 months in the Fall and Winter. Prices can be more competitive in many instances due to shear numbers.

You want to have an agent/team that knows what the market is doing, sees the patterns and can help you get your home ready, on the market, and sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

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Rick Hogue

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