DIY Home Security Check

Dated: 10/29/2015

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The simplest and easiest way that an invader can het into your home is walking through your front door. Before investing in electronic systems, it is better to have your own home security check.


What a burglar thinks

Think like a burglar. Stand in front of your house and access your main entry and surroundings. Shrub covered pathways for doors is a perfect situation for a break in. Better trim your shrubs for a cleaner line of sight.

Upgrade, Replace, or Repair strike plates and deadbolts

Check the strike plate, which is the metal fittings that catch bolts and latches. Try opening and closing your door to be sure that it still fits well. If the jamb is too soft for the strike plate, add more screws that could go all the way through the jamb towards the stud behind it. If there are no studs, just make sure that the installed strike plate is strong enough to resist an entry.

In addition, consider installing deadbolts to exterior doors that throw at least a 1 inch bolt. Choose the most secure options.


Secure garage doors

Back doors and garage doors are commonly used in breaking an entry. If the garage door has an automatic opener, remember to manually lock this before you go away for a long trip. With the same drill, install proper locks for the door in the garage that leads to the main house.

Don’t ignore lock on your outdoor storage shed

Your outdoor shed could really be useful for a burglar. If an intruder manages to get in your shed, then it is just like inviting a thief into your home. Secure a heavy duty deadbolt not just a padlock.

Patio doors are exposed to intruders

Sliding doors that leads to a patio makes a home’s security vulnerable.

Always inspect the doors and their hardware.

Replace or repair any missing or broken locks.

Install locking pins to prevent the doors from sliding.

Always lock the doors and not just the screen when patio doors are unattended.

Replace your entry door

Doors made of steel, solid wood, and impact-resistant fiberglass are all good choices for security. If you must have glass, make sure it is tempered or reinforced for added strength. Expect to invest on the expenses. It is better to be safe and prepared rather than losing something more valuable.

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